l'angle du hasard IV


friday december 12th 2018 
6pm - 9pm

Castellezgasse 36-38
1020 Vienna

Ella Becker, Isabel Belherdis, Ilse Chlan, Brigitte Konyen, Manfred Makra, Holger Musiol, Angela Schwank, Akelei Sell, Mihai Sovaiala, Ulrich Werner





destination unknown

A residency and exhibtion of 9 artists with their site-specific works.
We hope to see and welcome you in Venlo!

opening September 21st 7pm

exhibition weekend September 22nd and 23rd 10am to 5pm

Bisschop Hoensbroeckstraat
37, 69 & 71





spatial relations

April 27th to May 4th 2018
drawing as intervention by Ella Becker 
within  Anna-Maria Bogners installation at sehsaal.

Verein zur Förderung experimenteller Raumkunst
Zentagasse 38
1050 Wien




exhibition & open studio at Organhaus Chongqing

One For Everyone And Not For Anyone__
Kuo Ying Hsiu And Yang Liu

2018 器·Haus空间艺术家驻留计划 Organhaus Art Space Artists Residency Project 
:郭盈秀、楊柳(VAGA Body & Multimedia Experimental Group)
特別藝術家來賓 Special Artist Guest:Ella Becker(德國)

展期 Duration:2018/3/25-31 
開幕暨行為演出 Opening And Performance:2018/3/25 19:30

Artist talk + open studio Ella Becker: 15:30

重庆 大渡口区 黄桷坪126号 器·Haus空间一号展厅(501艺术基地一楼)No.126 Huang Jueping Street, Jiu Longpo District, Chongqing, China


About my participation:
On my first day at the artist residency in Chongqing I met the Vaga artist duo. They were the other guest artists and we would share a flat and a studio for a month. Quickly we began to engage in deep conversations about identity and I decided to do a work based on one of their performative concepts. In their videos you will see a splitscreen with a stream of photos on both sides. They approach each other on a street. First you won´t see anything except a street but when they come closer, step by step, the other person with the camera appears on the screen.

Last autumn I got rid of my flat, my studio and nearly all my belongings except some clothes and my work. I started a journey alone that brought me to six countries so far. At this stage of my life I have a special approach to the question of identity. 
Who am I without the frame of society (of my home country) and without everyday routine? What does a person really need? When does free become loose? What is home? Can I be home to myself? 
In my version of the performance I come closer to a steady cam that is constantly taking pictures of this process and I eventually close my eyes for the last steps. 
In the second performance I stand still with eyes closed on a sidewalk in Huang Jue Ping, where our residency is located in Chongqing. The camera approaches me from far, while people walk by. Intense minutes of insecurity and trust in a stranger, deliberately blind for some minutes that stretched to eternity.

I am looking forward to the opening. If in Chongqing, come by for the full Vaga experience!


This residency was made possible with funding from Amt für Kultur und Denkmalschutz Dresden.




altonale 19

art in store windows - altona festival in Hamburg
on view from 16th of June to 1st of July 2017

My work will be displayed at Cafe Forelle and was nominated for the altonale art price.

Café Forelle | Erzbergerstraße 14 | 22765 Hamburg